Our Promise

Our Promise to you is that we will never recommend therapies, services, products or resources that we don't have personal experience with.

Our commitment extends to both the experts we collaborate with + the resources we share, test or write about.

Our Criteria For Expert Collaborators

  • We have first-hand experience using their expertise in our personal lives and have seen proven results 
  • Our experts and resources are experienced and knowledgable 
  • They have testimonials and accolades that convey their proven success 
  • They are accessible, allowing us to interact with them personally either in person or virtually
  • They have an outstanding reputation within the community in which they work 
  • We know of credible contacts who have used our their resources successfully 

Our Criteria For Resources We Share

We vet through the CRAAP test:

  • Are they current?
    • What is the timelessness of the information
    • When was information published
  • Are they relevant?
    • Who is their intended audience
    • Is it relevant to our mission
  • Do they have authority?
    • Evaluate the authors credentials and affiliations
    • What are their qualifications
  • What is their accuracy?
    • What is the reliability, truthfulness + correctness of their content
  • Do they have purpose?
    • What is the purpose of the information? to inform? teach? sell? entertain? persuade?
    • Does the point of view appear objective and impartial?


You can find out more about our collaborators HERE.

If you ever have a question about any of our resources, email us at info@sagesolstice.com.