What Is The Vital Force?

What does vitality mean to you?
In Homeopathy, we call vitality the vital force (or life force) and it is this vitality that provides a patients inner strength, that ultimately empowers their immune system. When the vital force is weakened this is what leads to illness and disease.

Day in and day out, our emotional and environmental conditions should support and complement one another but when this is disrupted (whether by exposure to viruses, bacteria, toxins, radiation, emotional shock, environmental changes or treatment with allopathic drugs), this is when things can go awry. The vital force kicks in with a variety of signs and symptoms to restore the individual to health.
Signs and Symptoms of illness are attempts on the part of the body’s immune system trying to restore balance to heal itself. This is the ONLY tool the body has to alert us to the fact that something is off kilter. And when the vital force is weak, it is difficult for the body to restore itself to health.

Individuals are unique, and as such have different strengths and weakness which affect the way disease manifests for them. Everyone has a distinct mental, emotional and physical makeup which is determined by hereditary tendencies, environmental influences and factors of disease.

This is why I love homeopathy so much as the homeopath’s role is to work within the natural order of the body to create harmony by strengthening the body’s OWN immune and defence systems to bring back its vitality, ultimately restoring the body to order.

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