Do You Practice Social Wellness?

I recently had a friend tell me that they admired me for the way I move through the world and the values we both shared in how we approached life. To say how much this moved me is an understatement.

 I really try hard to maintain a strong moral compass and treat those I come across in this lifetime as an equal. I try to remain optimistic and compassionate, and champion those in my circle (and outside of it) as often as I can.

But it is rare to be told that someone admires you for the way you walk through life. It is surprising to me that people even notice this type of thing anymore! I certainly don’t operate in a certain manner to be acknowledged…but wow…it sure meant a lot to be told this.

These days it often feels as though the world is spinning at a rapid pace, and we are all just doing our best to keep up. The steady stream of a negative news feed that spreads fear has made many of us retreat to the safety of our own four walls. The growing divide within families and between peers has created a lack of connection with one another. It is becoming harder and harder to see the point of it all.

It seems everyone sees those with a difference of opinion as a threat. We have forgotten how to appreciate our differences and we no longer seem to be able to have constructive conversation or “find the middle”. Where has our ability to see one another as humans gone?

It is easy to go down the rabbit hole of fear and despair and stop being compassionate and find the best in people.

Over the past couple of years we have sadly seen a staggering increase in mental health disorders, and many people are having a more difficult time simply coping. Perhaps if we all made an effort to show a little more compassion to one another, check in with one another, have patience with one another and lend a hand to one another we can turn the tide. Smile at the person bagging your groceries, ask the call centre employee where they are from, ask the waitress how she is doing.

My friend (unprompted!) reminded me that she sees me, that she appreciates me, that my value system is still intact, that she values our friendship. Her accolades boosted me up in that moment, and I in turn had a spring in my step that impacted the people I came across that day for the better.

We may not always see eye to eye – but let’s stay open minded and make room for doubt. Let’s remember that people are not a direct threat when they have a difference of opinion. Let’s try to remain connected in our family, social network, community, and society. Let’s remember to acknowledge others, champion those who deserve to be championed, and remain enthusiastic and full of curiosity.

Of course, don’t forget to take care of yourself too! Social wellness is not just about caring for others.  When we are putting time and energy into feeling good ourselves, we are more capable of doing the same for others. Be sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy, get regular exercise and take breaks throughout the day.  Fill yourself by joining a club or organization, engaging in new hobbies or volunteering in the community.  Learn a new skill, nurture relationships and always surround yourself with good people who build you up and make you feel good about yourself! Here’s to living life at Peak Wellness!


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