Homeopathic Remedies VS Tissue Salts: What's The Difference

I get asked a lot what the difference is between tissue salts and homeopathic remedies. Both are considered homeopathic treatments, but they operate in the body differently. So let's look at the differences and how each uniquely support healing.


A homeopathic remedy is a substance that stimulates the body to heal itself by matching it to the frequency of the disease. A remedy is based on the Law of Similars (“like cures like”). This means that if a substance can produce a totality of symptoms in a healthy human being, that same substance can also cure the same totality of symptoms in a sick human being.

"Like cures like is the idea that a disease can be
cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms."

Homeopathic remedies are derived from all kingdoms:

  • mineral
  • animal
  • plant


Derived from the mineral kingdom only, tissue salts work differently. I like to think of tissue salts as the supplements of homeopathic medicine. Tissue salts (also known as cell salts), are based on the Law of Deficiency and they were discovered in the late 19th century when Dr. Schuessler examined human ash.

Dr. Schuessler determined that the human body contains twelve essential mineral salts that form the bodies building blocks and are a vital part of every cell in the body.

“Restoration of the cell, and thereby of the body,
will result from restoration of the deficit of the inorganic constituents

- Dr. William Schuessler

Tissue salts are cellular nutrition and they reinforce, strengthen, and nourish the body at a cellular level by satisfying a deficiency. Symptoms that arise when the body is out of balance allow us to determine where the deficiency lies. A normal balance can quickly be restored by administering the deficient mineral salts in a homoeopathically prepared micro dose that is fully bio available, entering our cells rapidly through the mucous membranes. 

Here's what The School Of Homeopathy has to say about cell salts:

"These remedies are called cell salts, because they rebalance the functioning of the body at the level of the cell. The support the body to create health beginning at this very basic level. The potency of cell salts is always a 6X or 12X (also known as 6D or 12D). This is a potency at which the final product is below Avogadro’s number, so there are trace molecules of the original substance left. This is why it is often thought of as micro-dosing of minerals. In some ways, this can be thought of as a basic, building block potency, to match the targeted level of reception – the cell, or the basic, building block of our physical structure. These same 12 remedies are available in higher potencies, at which point we refer to them as homeopathic remedies rather than cell salts. "


Homeopathic remedies and tissue salts complement one another. While remedies act deeper to address root imbalances, cell salts can be taken to support its action and address surface imbalances. 

Both are an important part of health restoration.

If you'd like to learn more, you can find more detailed information on Tissue Salts HERE, and a lot more about Homeopathy in total HERE

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