Introduction To Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts, also known as Cell Salts, are the same minerals found in rocks and soil and they are essential to the body's functions. They are abundant in nature, and are naturally found in the cells and tissues of our body. They include forms of potassium, magnesium, iron, silica, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, sulphur and fluoride.

These minerals occur naturally in the human body, and to a small degree we absorb them from our food and water. Unfortunately, due to our food supply now being harvested from depleted soil, these minerals are not as readily available to us.

An imbalance, or lack of certain tissue salts in the body will open the door to illness and disease. Modern lifestyles can be draining to our body – stress, bad nutrition, electro-pollution, environmental toxins and exposures to heavy metals leaves us deficient in many minerals.

There are 12 individual tissue salts which work at the cellular level and each one is geared towards healing specific emotional or physical symptom and ailments. Essentially, they provide nutrition to the body to help bring you back to a state of balance by supplying deficiencies. It is cellular nutrition. 

It’s helpful to understand how Tissue Salts and nutrition go hand in hand. Without a proper mineral balance in the body your cells don't work as they should and your body doesn't properly absorb and utilize the nutrients it needs. Tissue Salts work by enabling the cells to better assimilate and utilize the mineral compounds found in our food and water.  

Some tissue salts help with digestion, others help build strong bones, nails and teeth, some help our bodies properly absorb and utilize iron, some help with water balancing in the body, and others with cramps, fatigue, sleep and stress.

I was introduced to tissue salts a couple of years ago in one of my homeopathy courses. Over the course of the last 24 months, I’ve not only used all of them with amazing results, I’ve also witnessed incredible results in others.

As I continue to learn more about them while studying homeopathy, I have become extremely passionate about them.

One of my biggest passions is creating awareness to help more people learn about the benefits of both homeopathy and tissue salts as they both have the ability to address acute illness quickly, help with chronic disease and also support in the strengthening of your body to help prevent future disease.

Because the doses are minute they are fully bio-available meaning they get into your mucous membranes quickly to alleviate symptoms.

The more urgently the body needs the tissue salts, the faster they dissolve or the sweeter they taste.

Tissue salts are great for everyone, including infants. They do no harm, they’re non-addictive and there are no side effects.



Consult a health care practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Keep out of reach of children.

Claims made from traditional homeopathic references, not scientific evidence.


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