How To Get Started With An Exercise Routine NOW!

It's might have been a while since you've last had a nice sweat. Plus, it can be difficult to find the motivation to start with a new exercise routine, or restart, a fitness program when it’s been a while since the last workout session. Since global shutdowns that began in March of this year because of Covid-19, we have all had multiple excuses as to why we couldn’t (or shouldn’t) work-out.

Fitness facilities closed, then reopened, then closed again. Outdoor parks, hiking trails, beaches and recreation areas were restricted or closed. Some gyms started mandating masks to be worn – which puts a damper on the cardio (this is when I stopped going to my local gym). With more and more time spent at home often planted on the couch scrolling through what we have left to watch on Netflix, Amazon, Crave or Hulu…it is easy for our work-out motivation to slip.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza about how to get back in the exercise saddle again and how to establish a routine you can actually maintain. Ramona shared her top 10 tips with us on how to get back in the groove.

  1. Set both short and long-term goals that will get you excited about getting started.
  2. Don't overdo it, start with a simple walking plan to just get moving.
  3. Gradually increase steps each week but start with a small number like 3000.
  4. Include a gentle stretch program, working from head to toe, and do it before your walk. Even a five minute stretch will feel great!
  5. After a few weeks add some strength training a couple days a week. If you don’t have any weights at home - no problem, simply use household items.
  6. Write down everything you’re eating in detail for three days - this will help with weight loss.
  7. Hydrate! Be sure to drink at least one litre of water daily. Be sure to limit juice, soft drinks and alcohol.
  8. Sleep is very important when you’re getting back into an exercise program so try to get into a sleep routine.
  9. Buddy up with someone to keep you accountable and motivated.
  10. Reward yourself with a soak in a hot bubble bath, or maybe a new fitness tool or pair of shoes.

Start exercising like you never stopped and with a little determination you will be back at it in no time!

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