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Let's Talk About Fatigue!

Fatigue is something we all experiences at one time or another. If you are sick and tired of being tired, thankfully there are ways you can get to the bottom of it. Let's look at the potential root...

DIY Body Scrub

Just like your face, your body needs occasional exfoliation to stay soft and healthy. Body scrubs slough away dead skin cells. The skin is in a constant state of turnover – dead skin rises to the s...

10 Wellness Tips For Traveling

I'm a ball of stress when I travel. To help alleviate my travel jitters and stress, I begin to plan at least a week in advance of my departure. Incorporating wellness tips & tricks are essentia...

Make Massage Oils & Enjoy The Health Benefits

Massages have many health benefits including relaxation, improved circulation, reduced stress, increased mobility, improved skin tone, and lymphatic drainage. Making massage oils is easy, fun + hel...

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