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Midsummer's Sage All Natural Face Mist


A beautiful blend that Cleopatra would have coveted, Midsummer's Sage promotes feelings of peace & supports overall wellness.

  • Locally bottled in Vancouver BC by Fern & Petal
  • 100% pure essential oils

purified water, witch hazel, rose water, aloe vera extract, blend of essential oils (clarysage, ylang-ylang, frankincense)

  • Rose Water: revitalizes skin and hair
  • Witch Hazel: brightens and cleanses the skin
  • Aloe Vera: promotes moisture balance in the skin
  • Clary Sage: calms and soothes the skin
  • Ylang-Ylang: hydrating and rejuvenating
  • Frankincensehelps rejuvenate and hydrate dry and mature skin

How to use: 
Spray anywhere that needs a little extra refreshing. Mist on linens, hair, face and body.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Katie Budreau
A must have!!

I absolutely LOVE the face mist. The scent is so clean and fresh and leaves me feeling calm. Great for a quick refresh when you begin to feel tired, spraying linens and your pillows for a great night sleep. A must have! I also always keep one in my purse for on the go and after a workout!

Jennifer F

Love the face mist! The product arrived on time, in great condition and makes the perfect gift. THANK YOU!

Kim O'Dell
Great for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and have found it difficult to find a great face mist that doesn't irritate my skin. This one is incredible. The pure, high quality ingredients have been great on my skin. Such a great refreshing boost throughout the day.

Shannon Augustus
Hydrating and refreshing

The best face mist I’ve used! I’ve been a fan of the L’Occitane facemist for years because of my sensitive, combination skin but the S+S mist has replaced it! Lovely light fragrance with the perfect blend of essential oils. Not at all oily, and zero reaction on my skin. Especially great when flying— hydrating and refreshing. The 100 ml bottle is perfect for carry on. Would 100% recommend.

Tanis Fritz
Highly Recommend

I love my Midsummer's Sage face mist. I keep a bottle on my desk and use it for a refreshing spritz throughout the workday. I also like to have it in the car and it's the first thing I put on when I take off my mask. Highly recommend!