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Raising Strong Girls

During adolescence, girls often have low self-esteem and confidence, and find it hard to balance their uniqueness with the opposing pull of needing to fit in. It is a difficult dance, if one is too...

Is Lawnmower Parenting Helpful?

Move over Helicopter Parents and make way for the new and improved version, the Lawnmower Parent. Simply another version of parents that over parent, these parents in effect “mow down” or “bulldoze...

Should Your Kids Have A Pet?

Thinking about getting a pet for your family? Here are three facts that you should consider before adopting a pet.

Discover How To Help Your Children Master Life

I believe everyone’s end goal is the same when raising children: we all want to launch stable, happy, healthy, and independent children so that they can become self-contributing members of society....

The Age Of The Stepmother: Being Recognized + Valued

Today, stepmothers are much more prevalent with experts predicting that blended families will soon become the dominant family form in North America. I became a stepmother myself nine years ago to a...

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