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Do You Practice Social Wellness?

These days it often feels as though the world is spinning at a rapid pace, and we are all just doing our best to keep up. The steady stream of a negative news feed that spreads fear has made many o...

DIY Body Scrub

Just like your face, your body needs occasional exfoliation to stay soft and healthy. Body scrubs slough away dead skin cells. The skin is in a constant state of turnover – dead skin rises to the s...

Raising Strong Girls

During adolescence, girls often have low self-esteem and confidence, and find it hard to balance their uniqueness with the opposing pull of needing to fit in. It is a difficult dance, if one is too...

10 Wellness Tips For Travel

I am a big ball of stress when I travel so to help alleviate my travel jitters and stress, I begin to plan and pack at least a week in advance of my departure date. Incorporating some wellness tips...

There Is No Planet B

As we become more and more environmentally aware, most of us finally understand how important it is that we do our part to save our planet. It is crucial that we prioritize protecting our land, wat...

Is Lawnmower Parenting Helpful?

Move over Helicopter Parents and make way for the new and improved version, the Lawnmower Parent. Simply another version of parents that over parent, these parents in effect “mow down” or “bulldoze...

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