10 Wellness Tips For Travel

I am a big ball of stress when I travel so to help alleviate my travel jitters and stress, I begin to plan and pack at least a week in advance of my departure date. I start by pulling out all my travel documents, and if I am travelling with my dog, I pack her travel case with her documents, treats, poopbags and a small water dish.

I write a list of items I plan to pack, along with a list of items I will need to pick up to take with me, and start gathering my carry-on bag items. My carry-on bag always includes a small bottle of face mist for hydration, my ear-plugs (for those crying babies or loud talkers), a new book downloaded to my Kobo e-reader, a good playlist, charged earbuds and a few movies or episodes from a tv series. I also tend to throw a shawl or scarf in my bag in case the plane runs cold, and my neck pillow of course!  I also start planning what healthy food I need to have in the house on travel day so that I have stuff on hand to pack lunches and snacks to take with me on the plane.

Incorporating some wellness tips and tricks are essential for me when travelling. Since I started on my wellness journey, finding ways to stick to my goals is vital for me to feel my best.

Here are 10 Simple Wellness Tips for staying healthy while travelling:

Plan ahead

What are the must-see attractions that you want to explore in the area in which you are traveling? Do some research in advance to find those hidden gems and off the beaten track sights. Planning will also help foster a stress -free vacation.

Get quality sleep

If you are a poor sleeper like I am, pack your travel fan or sound machine, ear plugs, eye mask, melatonin, or whatever it is you need to get a good night’s sleep. I even pack my silk pillowcase as I hate the smell of bleach on the hotel pillowcases. Listen to your body – if you are tired – rest! Travel can be tiring. Lugging around bags in and out of airports, and on and off planes, trains, buses, and taxis takes its toll on the body, as can crossing time zones and long days of exploring.

Stay Hydrated

I pack my water bottle in my suitcase when I travel and fill it on the go. Did you know that 75% of people are chronically dehydrated? Staying hydrated helps regulate our temperature and cushion our joints, aids in digestion and waste elimination. All things we need to be mindful of during travel! 

Eat Real Food

Finding healthy food choices during travel can be a challenge – and as I hate “wasting” a meal (i.e., just eating something for the sake of it), in advance of travel, I often research restaurants and cafes I would like to try while visiting a new country, state or city. Do your best to incorporate lots of fresh fruit and vegetables into your meals, clean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Try to avoid sugar when you can and be sure to get enough fibre through-out the day!

Don’t skip meals

if you are on the go, grab a piece of fruit, yogurt or a smoothie. It will give you the energy needed to explore the sights and keep you from being tempted to grab an unhealthy snack between activities.

Stay Active

Don’t forget to pack those running shoes and walk everywhere you can! Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Plan a kayak or canoe trip, swim to an island, hike the mountains, explore the forests, or rent a bike! The ideas are endless.  


Dedicate a few minutes every-day to stretch before you start your day. Throw your resistance bands, a small foam roller or a massage ball into your suitcase and take with you.

Protect your skin 

Pack hats and sunscreen, long sunshield shirts, and natural bug spray or mosquito netting if you will be in a place with insects or mosquitos. I have found taking a garlic supplement a week prior to travel and one every day during travel helps keep biting pests at bay.

Take technology breaks

Just like at home, we can easily overdo it with our screen-time. Enjoy the sights rather than see them through your phone or devices. Choose reading at night over social media scrolling and you will enjoy a much better sleep. 

Don’t forget to breathe

Take time each day to breathe deeply during your vacation. Incorporate the four-square breathing technique or find short snippets of time for a short meditation session. It will help you relax and off-set the stress of travelling. 

Regardless of whether you are travelling or staying home, in order to stay healthy, it is important to prioritize making healthy choices. Just because you are travelling doesn’t mean you can’t continue to prioritize healthy food (lots of fruit and veg), exercise (don’t forget to pack those running shoes), and lots of good sleep!

Happy travels!

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