Keep Your Glass Half Full This Summer

This year once again, we’re welcoming summer more mindful than ever before. Although we’re still adjusting to the ever-changing new normal, one thing remains the same: we’re actively taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. In the heat, this means staying hydrated.

Water, a tasteless, colourless, and odourless substance, is considered an essential nutrient. Not only do we consume it, it’s used for agriculture, electricity, transportation, recreation and manufacturing. Some see water as a symbol of life. Others believe it’s a spiritual and sacred source as it purifies, protects and heals. But despite its symbolism and vitality in our world, humans are known to neglect this natural resource, especially when it comes to personal consumption. 

Depending on your individual metabolic rate and mass, water makes up for 50-80 percent of your overall body weight. When we drink water, it surrounds and fills up the space around our cells and aids in the formation of large-scale molecules like protein and glycogen (the main storage of glucose in the body that helps keep us energized). Without it, digesting food, absorbing essential nutrients and transporting oxygen to our blood to keep our organs strong and healthy would be impossible.

Drinking water helps regulate our body temperature while also eliminating toxins. The common recommended intake is six to eight 250 mL glasses per day. However, this is just a baseline. It all depends on your body type and activity level. Now that the warmer season has arrived, it’s important to ensure you’re drinking an adequate amount of fluid, for the health of you and the world. But if you’re not naturally a big water drinker, this is easier said than done. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to consume water, and we hope you try them out this summer.

1. Infuse with Herbs

Add your favourite combinations of herbs to ice water for a refreshing spin. Lemon thyme, basil, sage, mint, parsley and rosemary are all delicious herbs that are packed with anti-inflammatory properties and known to help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Paired with fruit on a hot summer afternoon, herb infused water is a definite crowd pleaser and an easy way to consume a natural elixir.

Tip: Steep your favourite tea in water and let cool for the ultimate herb infusion!  

2. Spice it Up

Nourish your body by adding an array of spices to your water. Each with their own set of medicinal properties, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and turmeric are all options that are packed with flavour and help prevent and heal ailments.

Tip: Pair orange peels with clove, lemon with turmeric, plum with cinnamon, and ginger with cucumber for some of our favourite combinations.

3. Get Funky!

When it comes to making water more interesting to drink, don’t shy away from the funky stuff! Water kefir is a fermented drink that has been consumed for centuries. Easy to make at home, it’s filled with bacteria and probiotics that contribute to a healthy gut. In turn, water kefir is linked to longevity and prevention from disease. Apple cider vinegar, the “mother” of vinegar, is another ingredient packed with healthy bacteria. The combination of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water once stormed the weight loss world as it can help maintain blood sugar levels, and if your taste buds can handle sour and acidity, we highly suggest jumping on the ACV bandwagon.

Tip: Regulate digestion with a batch of homemade Switchel, a drink that’s been consumed since the 17th century, by soaking fresh ginger in water with apple cider vinegar, lemon and maple syrup.

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